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Block Muzik Vol. 1

Block Muzik Vol. 1 Mixtape Free Download

John the Baptist and johnthebap.com presents Block Muzik Vol. 1! A new fiery christian hip hop mixtape catered to the steets! This is the perfect tool for street evangelism and street ministry! The entire project is directed towards the drug dealers, hustlers, shooters, and dudes on the roughest blocks in the hood. Thus, the title "Block Muzik." We encourage those who do street ministry in urban areas to download, burn cds, and pass them out on the streets! Enjoy this free download!

Block Muzik Vol. 1 Tracklisting
01 Lavoisier - Just Talking
02 Buck Barnabas - Real Love
03 Bizzle ft. Lavoisier & Sevin - This Ain't Love
04 Young Noah - Know Me
05 Tony Tillman ft. Derek Minor - No Lie
06 Json ft. Monty G - Preacha Man
07 Eshon Burgundy ft. J. Johnson & Sean C. Johnson - Dba (Death By Association)
08 John the Baptist ft. Ken Kenx, Walk Worthy & Trevor Pope - Way of Escape Remix
09 Dre Marshall ft. D-lo & Pastor Kelvin Brooks - Whoa
10 Eshon Burgundy - Control Issues
11 Big Fil - Here Me
12 SeDa ft. C.H.R.I.S. - G Season
13 Selah The Corner ft. Bizzle - Find Out This is G.O.M.
14 Eshon Burgundy ft. C.H.R.I.S. - Wine & Spirits
15 John the Baptist ft. Supreme Glory & Lee Majors - Ride for the Kingdom
16 Json ft. Thi'sl & AD3 - Goon
17 Stay Humble ft. Church Boi & Mele Mel - Man of God
18 Clear Sight Music ft. MikeREAL & Json - Carry Me
19 R.S.V.P.

Love & Christian Hip Hop Mixtape

Love & Christian Hip Hop Mixtape Free Download

John the Baptist brings the perfect gift to you and your significant other! The Love & Christian Hip Hop Mixtape! Filled with Christ-centered christian hip hop love songs, this mix is a must have for couples and singles who love Christ and christian hip hop! Enjoy this free download!

Love & Christian Hip Hop Tracklisting
01 Dwayne Tryumf - Proverbs 31 Woman
02 W.L.A.K. ft. Christon Gray & Swoope - W.L.A.Q.
03 Lecrae - All I Need Is You
04 Thi'sl ft. Pastor AD3 - Baby Girl
05 Bizzle ft. Willie Moore Jr. - Make Her the Mrs.
06 Sean Slaughter ft. Dexter Hill - I Don't Mind
07 Stay Humble ft. G Wiz - Baby Girl (Prod. by John the Baptist)
08 Sho Baraka ft. J.R. - We Can Be More (John the Baptist Remix)
09 Sho Baraka ft. J.R., Trip Lee, Alex Medina & Flame - We Can Be More (Gentlemen's Remix)
10 Sho Baraka ft. Erica Cumbo, Mahogany Jones & Butta P - We Can Be More (Ladies' Remix)
11 Stephen The Levite ft. Wes Pendleton - S.O.S.
12 Zae Da Blacksmith & Average Joe ft. Nancy Leigh DeMoss - Excellent Wife
13 shai linne ft. Keran Sabir - Simple Love Story
14 Evangel - A Good Thing
15 Trip Lee ft. Leah Smith - Good Thing
16 Big Fil - Jaelyn's Journal
17 God's Servant ft. Brooks Ritter - Boy Meets Girl
18 Tedashii ft. Lester L2 Shaw - Be with You
19 Da' T.R.U.T.H. ft. Cece Winans - Cherished
20 Canton Jones ft. Twyse - W.O.G. (Woman of God)


DJ Official Tribute Mix


John the Baptist - The Watering


Stay Humble - The Mixtape


Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP


John the Baptist - Remixtape Vol. 1

John the Baptist's Tribute Mix for DJ Official Free Download

John the Baptist and johnthebap.com present a special tribute in honor of DJ Official. This dedication mix features some of the best from his large body of work! Please continue to pray for his family and friends.

Donations can be made to his family at: https://www.youcaring.com/nelson-chu-616822

Enjoy this free download!

DJ Official Dedication Mix Playlist
01 Intro
02 Feels Good - The Ambassador ft. Da' T.R.U.T.H. & S.O.U.L.
03 Shot Clock (Brand New Day) - Phanatik
04 Please! - Da' T.R.U.T.H. ft. J-Silas
05 Streets of New York - DJ Official ft. J.A.Z. & Magellan
06 Why Me - Trip Lee ft. The Ambassador
07 Now Who's the Man? - Phanatik ft. Iz-Real
08 Everyday All Day Cypha - Everyday Process ft. Lecrae, The Ambassador, Flame, Phanatik & R-Swift
09 Not My Own - Stephen The Levite, Phanatik & Evangel (DJ Official Louder Remix)
10 I Love You - The Cross Movement
11 Get You Open - The Ambassador
12 Eternal Cypha - The Cross Movement ft. Da' T.R.U.T.H., J-Silas, Todd Bangz, R-Swift & Flame
13 Epiphany - The Cross Movement
14 Closer to You - The Cross Movement
15 Conversations - Da' T.R.U.T.H. ft. Keran & La Tia
16 They - Da' T.R.U.T.H.
17 The Last Cypha - The Cross Movement ft. Trip Lee, R-Swift, Mac the Doulos,
Iz-Real, Flame & Da' T.R.U.T.H.
18 DJ Official Speaks


John the Baptist is a christian hip hop music producer who has worked with many talented and gifted artists nationwide and internationally. His debut producer album entitled "The Watering" is available for FREE DOWNLOAD! The concept of the album comes from 1Cor. 3:6-7 and includes features from Young Joshua, J. Johnson, J.A.Z., Mahogany Jones, Techniq, Disciple (D.I.), D-Lo, Trevor Pope and Walk Worthy. Prepare your ears for hard hittin' east coast hip hop production and refreshing lyricism!

John the Baptist - The Watering Tracklisting
01. Intro
02. The Drama ft. J. Johnson
03. 2 Seconds ft. Disciple (D.I.)
04. Forgiveness ft. Young Joshua
05. Hear Your Voice Calling ft. J.A.Z.
06. The Watering Interlude
07. Knuckle Up ft. Techniq
08. War ft. Walk Worthy and Ebony Landrum
09. Perilous Times ft. Trevor Pope
10. Who Got Grace ft. Disciple (D.I.)
11. Jigsaw ft. Mahogany Jones and Techniq
12. Prodigal Son ft. D-Lo
13. R.S.V.P.
14. Outro

All songs produced by John the Baptist

Stay Humble - The Mixtape Free Download

Here's a free download of Stay Humble - The Mixtape! Stay Humble is a dynamic christian hip hop artist from Pittsburgh, PA. His lyrics are truly a breath of fresh air! Packed with the Word, hard hittin' lyricism, raw truth and fire hip hop beats, the Stay Humble mixtape will have you rockin'! This mixtape is a BANGER!! Enjoy!

Stay Humble - The Mixtape Tracklisting
01. Action
02. Sixteen
03. Sumthin' New
04. Hold You Down
05. Marriage
06. Love Song
07. Jesus Came
08. Recognize
09. Connect
10. Mass Appeal
11. Quickly
12. History
13. Da Huddle
14. Written for NK

Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP Free Download

John the Baptist is at it again! This time releasing a remix project entitled the Gravity Baptized EP! On this project John the Baptist remixes several songs from Lecrae's groundbreaking album 'Gravity.' Enjoy this free download!

Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP Tracklisting
01. Violence (John the Baptist Remix)
02. Mayday ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Ashthon Jones (John the Baptist Remix)
03. Power Trip ft. PRo, Sho Baraka & Andy Mineo (John the Baptist Remix)
04. Gravity ft. JR (John the Baptist Remix)
05. Buttons (John the Baptist Remix)
06. Free From It All ft. Mathai (John the Baptist Remix)
07. Confe$$ions (John the Baptist Remix)
08. Walk With Me ft. Novel (John the Baptist Remix)
09. R.S.V.P.

All songs produced by John the Baptist

John the Baptist - Remixtape Vol. 1 Free Download

John the Baptist has produced tracks for christian hip hop artists nationwide and internationally. With the release of his project the John the Baptist Remixtape Vol. 1, John has taken on the challenge of remixing some of the very best in christian hip hop. This creative project includes remixes of classics from the 116 Clique Compilation album, DJ Morph International, songs from Lecrae, Tedashii, Mahogany Jones, Sho Baraka, Json, Sean Slaughter and more!

John the Baptist - Remixtape Vol. 1 Tracklisting
01. Hurr They Come - Json
02. What They Need - DJ Morph ft. Japhia Life, Eddie Nigma & 2Five the Hood Rev
03. Til' Death - DJ Morph ft. Young Joshua & Phien-X-Zekaryah
04. Fanatics - Lecrae
05. Jesus Muzik - Lecrae ft. Trip Lee
06. High - Lecrae ft. Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock
07. Who We Are - Sean Slaughter
08. In Ya Hood - Tedashii ft. Trip Lee
09. Glorious - DJ Morph ft. Sho Baraka
10. For This Mic - Dre Marshall
11. We Can Be More - Sho Baraka ft. JR
12. Tryna Breathe - DJ Morph ft. Eric Cross, Mahogany Jones, Eddie Nigma & Mozel
13. Homie Please - Andale ft. Brothatone & PRo
14. Still Come Back - KJ-52 ft. Eric Cross
15. Crossover - Lecrae
16. Impressed - Tedashii
17. Man on Fire - Sean Slaughter ft. Paul Washer
18. R.S.V.P.
19. Heaven - Mahogany Jones ft. Iomos Marad

All remixes produced by John the Baptist