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John the Baptist Radio Episode 9

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The John the Baptist Radio Show plays some of the latest and the best in christian hip hop and r&p! On this episode John the Baptist talks about his new remix project the Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP! This episode features 3 hours of new music from Lecrae, Da' T.R.U.T.H., God's Servant, Eshon Burgundy and more!

John the Baptist Radio Episode 9 Playlist
01) Stephen The Levite - Give It Up [The Last Missionary]
02) K. Sparks - Read Between The Lines [Read Between the Lines]
03) Braille, Eshon Burgundy & Juan Love - One Direction [Blood Sweat Tears & Prayers]
04) Beautiful Eulogy (ft. Lee Green & Theory Hazit) - King Kulture [Rapzilla Presents King Kulture]
05) Marathon - Run Through [Marathon Life]
06) Walk Worthy (ft. Ebony Landrum) - War [The Watering]
07) R-Swift - I Don't Know [Blood Sweat Tears & Prayers]
08) Young Joshua - Failure to Future [Blood Sweat Tears & Prayers]
09) Marathon (Techniq) - Good Mourning [Marathon Life]
10) Eshon Burgundy - Dba (Death By Association) (ft. J. Johnson & Sean C. Johnson) [Bld Rshn to My Head/Smewhr N Th Clds Lkn Dwn]
11) Jeremiah Bonds - Let The Church Say
12) Pastor EL - Sin [The Call of Duty Vol. 1 Domestic Warfare]
13) Datin - The Voice [Turn It Off Vol. 1]
14) Sevin (ft. Dan Wallace & LOA) - You're More [Purple Reign]
15) P.A.T. Junior - All The Glory
16) Trip Lee - Know Me [The Good Life]
17) Zae Da Blacksmith & Average Joe (ft. Kevin DeYoung) - The Holy Scriptures [The Mosaic Mixtape]
18) Ken Kenx - Within Me
19) God's Servant - Witness [Simple Love]
20) S.O. (ft. J.Williams & Lecrae) - Radical [So It Continues]
21) Uncle Reece - Until I Pass Out
22) Je'kob (ft. Rachael of the Washington Projects) - Burn Me Out [Love]
23) Sean Terrell - Come Down [Never Ever Stop Vol. 1]
24) Xist (ft. Da' T.R.U.T.H., The Ambassador, B. Reith, Sean Simmonds, Jessica Reedy, Jai & DJ Mal-Ski) - Move (Chasing After You) [Xist Presents Move Vol. 1]
25) Lecrae (ft. Mali Music) - Tell The World [Gravity]
26) Lecrae (ft. JR) - Gravity (John the Baptist Remix) [Gravity Baptized EP]
27) Sho Baraka - Ali [Talented 10th]
28) JusThoughtZ - All That You Are
29) Je'kob (ft. Josh Lane, Theory Hazit & Beleaf of theBREAX) - Through The Rain
30) Bizzle - Better Way Pt. 2 (Sandy Hook Response)
31) Stay Humble - Let's Go [There Isn't Much Time Left]
32) Erick Dayz, A-Flo, MC Jin & Uncle Reece - S&N Life [Blood Sweat Tears & Prayers]
33) Thi'sl - We Blind [Free from the Trap]
34) Cam - I See Truth [My Eyes]
35) J.A.Z. - Get Through [Ja'maine's Wilderness]
36) Da' T.R.U.T.H. - Hungry Games [Love, Hope & War]
37) Trevor Pope - I Had To Go Up [The Great Commission Mixtape]
38) Flame - Devil's Bread [The 6th]
39) Erica Ndao - Runnin'
40) Sean Simmonds - OneTouch [Long Story Short: The Genesis EP]
41) Marathon (Techniq) - Closer [Marathon Life]
42) 737 - The Gospel [Convinced]
43) Marlon Vincent - Eternal Rest

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