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John the Baptist Radio Episode 7 R-Swift

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The John the Baptist Radio Show plays some of the latest and the best in christian hip hop and r&p! On this episode we interviewed R-Swift and chopped it up about his new album Anthem.

John the Baptist Radio Episode 7 Playlist
- Sho Baraka (ft. BenJah, Tedashii, R-Swift & Honey LaRochelle) - I.T.W.N.O.I. [Lions & Liars]
- C.H.R.I.S. (ft. Co Campbell) - So Real [*Exclusive*]
- Theory Hazit and Toni Shift - We Are The Ones [Modern Marvels]
- D-Maub (ft. Brinson, Cash Hollistah, Theory Hazit, Eric Cross, J.O.B., PRo) - The Great Cypher [The Follow Up EP]
- DJ Official (ft. J.A.Z. & Magellan) - Streets of New York [Entermission]
- Japhia Life - Crack House Blues [Nazareth]
**R-Swift Interview Part 1**
- R-Swift - Anthem [Anthem]
- Wit & Dre Murray (ft. R-Swift, Fedel and Rigz) - Reflection [Hell's Paradise]
- Dre Marshall (ft. D-Lo & Breyan Isaac) - Whoa (Remix) [Room 819]
**R-Swift Interview Part 2**
- R-Swift - The Beginning [Anthem]
- Everyday Process - Jesus Pride [Outtadisworld]
- Json (ft. Thi'sl & AD3) - Goon [City Lights]
**R-Swift Interview Part 3**
- R-Swift - Awesome God [Anthem]
- J.A.Z. (ft. J. Johnson & Jason Clayborn) - Ready 2 Go [Unreleased]
- Eshon Burgundy (ft. Mel Alston) - U Take It All Away [Blood Bought]
- Big Fil (ft. Dre Marshall & IV) - 3AM [3AM Da Mixtape!]
- R-Swift (ft. Psalmizt & Butta P.) - That Girl [Anthem]
- Dwayne Tryumf - Proverbs 31 Woman [777 Mark of the Peace]
**John the Baptist Interlude**
- Sho Baraka (ft. J.R.) - We Can Be More (John the Baptist Remix) [John the Baptist Remixtape Vol. 1]
- Sho Baraka (ft. J.R., Trip Lee, Alex Medina & Flame) - We Can Be More (Gentlemen's Remix)
- Sho Baraka (ft. J.R., Erica Cumbo, Mahogany Jones & Butta P.) - We Can Be More (Ladies' Remix)
- Michelle Bonilla (ft. Lecrae & Flame) - Our Generation [Unreleased]
- Trip Lee (ft. Jai) - The Invasion (Hero) [Between Two Worlds]
- SeDa (ft. Chris Belmont) - Give It To You [The Lost LP]
- Thi'sl (ft. Pastor Ad3) - You're the One [Chronicles of an X-Hustler]
- 3D Remedy (ft. Stephannie Nazario de Vaca) - Here Is My Heart [The Great I-AM]
- Outro

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