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New Show! Listen to/Download John the Baptist Radio Episode 10!

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The John the Baptist Radio Show plays some of the latest and the best in christian hip hop and r&p! On this episode John the Baptist talks about his new album Purpose! This episode features 2 hours of new music from Eshon Burgundy, Buck Barnabas, Tony Tillman, Flame, Bizzle, Json and more!

John the Baptist Radio Episode 10 Playlist
01) John the Baptist - The Door [The Genesis EP]
02) Eshon Burgundy - Blood Money [The Fear of God]
03) Buck Barnabas - Real Love [Streetlight in Egypt]
04) C.H.R.I.S - Queens Veteran
05) Flame & Nico Wells - Quest [Clear Sight Music - Jesus or Nothing]
06) Tony Tillman (ft. Derek Minor) - No Lie [Camden]
07) Young Noah - Know Me [Time]
08) J. Monty - Can't Deny [Level 54]
09) John the Baptist - Wisdom for Motivation [Purpose]
10) Braille - Changed Hearts [Glimpses of Grace]
11) Blessed Nazirite - The Vow Theme [The Vow]
12) Stay Humble (ft. Church Boi & Mele Mel) - Man of God [Redeemed]
13) Microteros - Fully Persuaded
14) Iyso - Good Day [Sumthin 4 The Wait Collection]
15) John the Baptist (ft. Supreme Glory & Lee Majors) - Ride for the Kingdom [Purpose]
16) Big Fil (ft. Beleaf) - Work [Next Exit]
17) Hazakim (ft. S.O.) - Strong Tower [Son of Man]
18) Th3 Saga (ft. C.H.R.I.S) - Fly Away [L.O.N.E.R.]
19) Evangel (ft. Timothy Brindle) - Providence [Escape from the Vault]
20) Kris Noel - Unload [Timeless]
21) Serge (ft. Oscar Urbina) - Bearing The Name [Off Season]
22) Zabbai - Perspective
23) Trevor Pope - #IJS
24) Json (ft. Jai) - Identity [No Filter]
25) Bizzle (ft. Canton Jones & Crystal Tamar) - Did for Me [Well Wishes]
26) Prayz1 - Lost [Mixed Bag - Normal is Overrated]
27) Canton Jones - Be Lifted [Lust, Drugs & Gospel]
28) shai linne (ft. Chris Cobbins) - You Alone Are God [Lyrical Theology pt. 2 Doxology]
29) Chris Lawson - Wonderful [Bowdown]
30) Sean Terrell - Fill Me
31) Colette Chantel - Never Change
32) Parris Bowens - The Anthem Remake

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